Friday, 15 July 2011

Bad Faith and Antiblack Racism

by Lewis Gordon

a major contribution to Sartre studies, to the analysis of antiblack racism, to the very meaning of color itself in human terms."
-Maurice Natanson, Yale University

"This is a remarkable work . . . Unusual are the freshness and freedom from fashionable political cant of Gordon's work."
-Robert V. Stone, Long Island University

Lewis Gordon presents the first detailed existential phenomenological investigation of antiblack racism as a form of Sartrean bad faith. Bad faith, the attitude in which human beings attempt to evade freedom and responsibility, is treated as a constant possibility of human existence. Antiblack racism, the attitude and practice that involve the construction of black people as fundamentally inferior and subhuman, is examined as an effort to evade the responsibilities of a human and humane world. Gordon argues that the concept of bad faith militates against any human science that is built upon a theory of human nature and as such offers an analysis of antiblack racism that stands as a challenge to our ordinary assumptions of what it means to be human.

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