Monday, 11 July 2011

Living Fanon

by Lewis Gordon, The Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy, Vol XIX, No 1 (2011) pp 83-89

Les damnés de la terre, published in 1961, offers words of life from a dying man. Orated to the author’s wife Marie-Josèphe Dublé (“Josie,” as she was affectionately called), typist of those narrated progenies of struggle, the text is the meeting of body to body, so to speak, as he interrogated and reached out not only to Josie but also to Jean-Paul Sartre, and through him and so many others, to us, the contemporary readers, in our continued efforts to understand, to learn, and to question. On the 6th of December, shortly after its publication, Frantz Fanon, author of this magnificent work dubbed by the Black Panther Huey Newton as “the handbook of the revolution,” was dead.
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