Saturday, 9 July 2011

Revolutionary Ubuntu

Everyone in the world is facing a deep economic crisis, and beyond that a crisis of imagination. Few now think of a new wave of struggle that can raise our hopes and aspirations to fight for a society free of all forms of exploitation. This is why we publish this pamphlet.

The wretched of the earth are speaking. The Zapatistas. The colonial workers in Martinique and Guadaloupe. The peasants of Nepal and Bolivia.

What seems clear is that the cutting edge of revolutionary movement today is at that point of greatest exploitation. The neoliberal capitalist forces have led the information revolution of digital technology into a labor replacing free fall that places millions in absolute insecurity. This is not the unemployment of the past with people expecting to go back to work. This unemployment is systemic, permanent. And yet wealth exists,
food can be produced, including housing, health care and all the things people need to survive and prosper.

While many continue to be blinded by the quite historical impact of our recent heads of state ‐ namely Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama ‐ the fact of our poverty and continued crisis cannot be ignored except by people in the middle classes and those who are directly benefiting from these apparent political victories.

We look for movements that can grab the imagination for a better life for those most in need ‐ the homeless, the poor without health care, the ones victimized by police brutality. Every spark deserves our attention, every possibility can clarify the road to freedom. This is why we publish this pamphlet.

This is the new movement we have been waiting for, a post‐apartheid movement for social revolution. We need a post civil rights movement in the US to rebuild our fight for real democracy and social transformation. We can learn from them. Read this material. Support their struggle. Organize and fight where you are.

Abdul Alkalimat
May 3, 2009

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