Sunday, 24 July 2011

Writings and Speeches by Che Guevara

From Che Lives!
· Man and Socialism in Cuba
Che summarizes his views on socialism in this writing. Highly recommended if you want to know more about Che's ideals and theories.
· General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare
The first chapter of Che's book "Guerrilla Warfare".
· At the United Nations
Che's speech to the UN on December 11, 1964.· At the Afro-Asian Conference
One of Che's most important speeches, in this speech Che criticized the USSR for the first time in the public.
· Farewell Letter to Fidel
Che explains to Fidel why he left Cuba.
· Message to the Tricontinental
2, 3 many Vietnams...
· On Revolutionary Medicine
· Che Guevara Quotes
From The Marxist's Internet Archive

1952: The Motorcycle Diaries [partial transcription]
1963: Our America and Theirs [partial transcription]
1963: Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War [partial transcription]
1967: The Che Reader [partial transcription]
1967: The Bolivian Diary [partial transcription]

December 11, 1964: Speech delivered before the General Assembly of the United Nations:
Audio Exerpt (Intro) (2:50) | Audio Exerpt (Part 2) (9:48) | Entire speech (1:00:45)

December 16, 1964: Interview (27:44) with several journalists (narrated by Chris Couch) in the Cuban Mission HQ in New York (East 67th St).

Unknown date: A compilation of videos of Che Guevara.