Monday, 1 August 2011

Black Student Politics: higher education and apartheid from SASO to SANSCO

Black Student Politics
by Saleem Badat, 2002, via SA History Online

It is generally recognised that mass popular struggles during the 1970s and 1980s played a pivotal role in eroding apartheid and creating the conditions for the transition to democracy in South Africa. However, few works on political resistance to apartheid and capitalism during this period have provided a detailed analysis of a specific movement or organisation - its historical development, social base, ideological and political character, role and contribution, immediate and more long-term significance, the specificity of the particular social sphere and terrain it occupied and its movement and activities on this terrain.

Chapter One
A Conceptual Framework

Chapter Two
"Black man, you are on your own"

Chapter Three
From Crisis to Stability to Crisis

Chapter Four
SASO: The Ideology and Politics of BC

Chapter Five
The Character, Role and Significance of SASO 

Chapter Six
Reforms, Repression and Mass Resistance

Chapter Seven
SANSCO: The Ideology and Politics of Non-Racialism, the Freedom Charter and National Liberation

Chapter Eight
"Creative Organisers" rather than "Powerful Speakers"

Chapter Nine
People's Education and People's Power

Chapter Ten
The Character, Role and Significance of SANSCO