Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Frantz Fanon, Steve Biko, ‘psychopolitics’ and critical psychology

by Derek Hook, Chapter Four from Critical Psychology, 2004

Perhaps Frantz Fanon's greatest source of originality as a critical theorist lies in his combination of psychology and politics. This overlapping of political and psychological forms of analysis is seen in the fact that Fanon approaches the problems of national liberation and social revolution from the vantage point of
psychopathology, and the problems of personal identity through a sustained focus on the violence of the colonial encounter (McCulloch, 1983). To put this more precisely:

"All of Fanon's work falls into that category where the sciences of personality and the sciences of society converge [in an attempt] to traverse the distance between an analysis of the consciousness of the individual and the analysis of social institutions (McCulloch, 1983, 206-207)."

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