Sunday, 13 November 2011

Veneration and Struggle: Commemorating Frantz Fanon

A Special Issue of the Journal of Pan African Studies

As tradition has it, golden jubilees usually provide perfect occasions to reflect back on historical accomplishments that are recent enough to reminisce and important enough to still matter. The second decade of the 21st century marks such a reflective moment across the African world for those who find value in the lessons of the past, their contemporaneous applications and the implications of both for the visions of progress, prosperity and peace. The importance of this decade has already been determined by historical forces that are at least five decades old and the constant need to never forget them. Wherever in the African Diaspora one might exist, the significance of the decade of the 1960s reverberates in both the collective memories and the objective realities. As such, our effort in 2011 to eagerly and unapologetically reflect on the legacy of Frantz Fanon is motivated in one sense by the need to appreciate the iconic figures of the past.
- Kurt B. Young, from the Introduction

The 50th Anniversary of Fanon: Culture, Consciousness and Praxis
by Kurt B. Young
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Part 1
Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives

Frantz Fanon: Existentialist, Dialectician, and Revolutionary
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Revisiting Fanon, From Theory to Practice: Democracy and Development in Africa
by Guy Martin
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Hegel and Fanon on the Question of Mutual Recognition: A Comparative Analysis
by Charles Villet
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Part II
Fanon as Praxis

Fanon Now: Singularity and Solidarity
by Anthony C. Alessandrini
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Reading Violence and Postcolonial Decolonization Through Fanon: The Case of Jamaica
by Maziki Thame
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Freedom and Development in Historical Context: A Comparison of Gandhi and Fanon’s Approaches to Liberation
by Neil Howard
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Part III
Literary Reflections on Fanon

Remembering the Wretched: Narratives of Return as a Practice of Freedom
by Andrea Queeley
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Fanon as Reader of African American Folklore
by Paulette Richards
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Meditations on Fanon: A Review Essay on John Edgar Wideman’s Fanon: A Novel
by Ricky Hill
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Part IV
Fanon and African Unity

Untrapping the Soul of Fanon: Culture, Consciousness and the Future of Pan-Africanism
by Kurt B. Young
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