Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rhodes University Declaration of Academic Freedom - 3 May 1983

At a meeting of the Academic Freedom Committee of Rhodes University on May 3, 1983, those present solemnly re-affirmed their belief in academic
freedom as follows:

• It is our duty to uphold the principle that a university is a place where men and women, without regard to creed or colour, are welcome to join in the acquisition and advancement of knowledge.
• That it is the duty of the university to guarantee the rights of participants in the opportunities and privileges made available by belonging to a university.
• That academic freedom is essential to the integrity of institutions of higher education and the unfettered pursuit of truth.
• That the ideals of academic and human freedom are intimately bound up with each other, and that free universities cannot exist in an unfree society.
• We pledge ourselves to work for the attainment of these ideals in South Africa within our respective institutions, and to continue faithfully to defend them against encroachment in any form.