Friday, 24 May 2013

Alain Badiou on Political Violence

And what experience shows is that, over the long term, neither antagonistic action, based on the military or police model, directed against enemies, nor Terror within your own camp can resolve the problems created by your own political existence...  Ultimately, every political problem boils down to a problem of the unity of orientation on an issue that is collectively defined as being the main issue of the moment or of the situation.  Even a victory over the enemy depends on the subjective unity that was the victors’.  Over the long run, the key to a victorious treatment  of antagonisms lies in the correct handling of contradictions among the people - which also happens to be the real definition of democracy ... There is a necessary slowness, both democratic and popular in nature, which is particular to the time of the correct handling of contradictions among the people... What ...[that paradoxical] violence especially destroys is the time of emancipation, which is on the scale of the life of humanity, not on that of the market’s profit cycle. (Badiou, 2013: 9-11)

From Zizek (Ed. The Idea of Communism Vol., 2, London, Verso 2013)