Thursday, 8 August 2013

On African Fault Lines: V.Y. Mudimbe

On African Fault Lines
V-Y Mudimbe’s On African Fault Lines was launched by the Department of Political and International Studies’ Thinking Africa project on Tuesday evening. 

Described by Lewis Gordon as the African continent’s greatest thinker, Mudimbe, is this collection of meditations is concerned with three thematics: Africa’s place within today’s intellectual, economic and cultural configurations; the main axes that structure disciplinary practices concerned with African difference and the possibility of understanding being-in-the-world with reference to alienation, creativity and friendship.

There can be no doubt that On African Fault Lines is a brilliant and intensely thought assemblage of writings Intellectual good faith is the hallmark and true achievement of Valentin Mudimbe’s oeuvre, and it is spectacularly on display here. His good faith approach draws ‘Africa’ into the wide orbit of his thought as much as he draws his sources into ‘Africa’. The signal accomplishment of this book is that it teaches us how to learn.
— Grant Farred, professor of Africana Studies, Cornell University

A limited number of copies the book are available at the discounted price of
R350 (regular price R450) from Mrs Bryone Peters whose office is downstairs

in the Politics building.