Friday, 13 September 2013

Richa Nagar Speaks in Johannesburg

The Centre for Indian Studies Invites you to a talk
Richa Nagar
Professor of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota
Five Truths of Storytelling, Co-authorship and Alliance work.

If all writing is fundamentally tied to the production of meanings and texts through representation and translation, then research that blurs the borders of academia, activism, and creative work is necessarily about the labor and politics of mobilizing experience for particular ends. Co-authoring stories is a chief tool by which those who work in alliances across borders mobilize experience to write against relations of power that produce social violence, and to imagine and enact their visions and ethics of social change. Such work demands a serious engagement with the complexities of identity, representation, and political imagination as well as a rethinking of the assumptions and possibilities associated with engagement and expertise.  In offering five “truths” about co-authoring stories through alliance work, this presentation reflects on the labor process, assumptions, possibilities, and risks associated with co-authorship as a tool for mobilizing intellectual spaces in which stories from multiple locations in an alliance can speak with one another and evolve into more nuanced and effective critical interventions.

Date: September 17, 2013

Time: 16.00-17.30

Venue: Committee Room, CISA, 36 Jorissen Street.

For further information contact Prof. Dilip Menon, Mellon Chair in Indian Studies,; 011-717-4020