Monday, 14 October 2013

Caribbean Philosophy Association 2013 Conference

November 21–24, 2013
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Shifting the Geography of Reason X:
Exploring Decoloniality at the Dawn of a Our Second Decade

Conference Program TBA

General Information
For its ten-year anniversary meeting, the Caribbean Philosophical Association invites critical inquiries into existing forms of coloniality and the exploration of multiple forms of decoloniality in the areas of knowledge, power, being, and value in the Caribbean and elsewhere.  Also, there will be individual presentations and panels in each of the areas of emphasis over the past ten years. 
These are:
  • 2003 (Barbados): Shifting the geography of reason
  • 2004 (Puerto Rico): Gender, science, and religion
  • 2005 (Montreal, Canada): Aesthetics, science, and language
  • 2007 (Jamaica): Intellectual movements
  • 2008 (Guadaloupe): Intellectual movements
  • 2009 (Miami, U.S.A.): Migrations and diasporas
  • 2010 (Cartagena, Colombia): Music, rhythm, and movement
  • 2011 (New Brunswick, NJ, USA): The University, public education, and the transformation of society
  • 2012 (Trinidad and Tobago): Racial capitalism and the Creole discourses Native-, Indo-, Afro-, and Euro-Caribbeans
As in the past, this year's conference presents papers from multiple disciplines and on related themes, including presentations that focus on other parts of the globe or that seek to contribute to South-South dialogues. Our view of philosophy is a highly transdisciplinary and intertextual one.  We welcome multiple forms of theoretical decolonization and critique from artists, public intellectuals, and organizers who see a value in engaging scholars as well as panels that include dialogues among scholars, scholar-artists, or scholar-activists with other scholars, artists, and/or activists.  Although each year we have a special focus, we have always welcomed papers that go beyond the scope of our organizing theme and that explore the significance of “shifting the geography of reason” in different sites of knowledge production.