Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Reading of sections of Aimé Césaire's 'Notebook of a Return to My Native Land'

The MA in Creative Writing presents a reading of sections of Aimé Césaire's Notebook of a Return to My Native Land read by Denis Hirson, Kabelo Mofokeng, Robert Berold, and others. Followed by discussion.

All interested are most welcome.
Monday 11 August  5.30pm
ISEA/St Peters Building [next to Eden Grove]

The 60 page poem Cahier d'un retour au pays natal (Notebook of a Return to
My Native Land) was published in 1939 when the poet was only 26 years old, and
has been admirably translated. It is one of the great poems of the 20th Century,
starting with a lyrical description of Césaire's birthplace in Martinique's slums, and

building into  an unforgettable controlled rage against colonialism.