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The Lava of This Land: South African Poetry 1960-1996

The Lava of this Land
edited by Dennis Hirson, 1997

Cat On A High Yard Wall by Tatamkhulu Afrika
The Funeral Of Anton Fransch by Tatamkhulu Afrika
The Mugging by Tatamkhulu Afrika
Nightrider by Tatamkhulu Afrika
Remembering by Tatamkhulu Afrika
Solitary Child by Tatamkhulu Afrika
Tamed by Tatamkhulu Afrika
The Trap by Tatamkhulu Afrika
Who Were You? by Tatamkhulu Afrika
Dark City by Robert Berold
Meditations On Chuang Tsu: 2 by Robert Berold
Meet Me by Robert Berold
Praise Poem by Robert Berold
There Is A River In Me by Robert Berold
Those Days by Robert Berold
Two Meditations On Chuang Tsu: 1 by Robert Berold
The Bullet by Eva Bezwoda
He Lay With Her by Eva Bezwoda
Ice Floes by Eva Bezwoda
Sometimes The Mouth's A Locked Cell by Eva Bezwoda
A Tooth Dressed Up In Jackboots by Eva Bezwoda
Villages by Eva Bezwoda
December - Following Rhythm And Road Of A Poem By Gary Snyder by Breyten Breytenbach
For Francooi Viljoen by Breyten Breytenbach
How Drowsy We Were Wrapped In Coolness by Breyten Breytenbach
I Will Die And Go To My Father... by Breyten Breytenbach
My Heritage by Breyten Breytenbach
Plagiarism by Breyten Breytenbach
The Truth by Breyten Breytenbach
Your Letter by Breyten Breytenbach
Cold by Dennis Brutus
Nightsong: City by Dennis Brutus
After The Riot by Sydney Clouts
Firebowl by Sydney Clouts
Hotknife by Sydney Clouts
North Wind by Sydney Clouts
Poetry Is Death Cast Out by Sydney Clouts
Stick Song by Sydney Clouts
Within by Sydney Clouts
Ghazal by Lisa Combrinck
In The Moonlight by Lisa Combrinck
Christmas In Africa: The Punishment by Jeni Couzyn
I Saw Your Mother by Jeremy Cronin
Motho Ke Motho Ka Batho Babang (a Person Is A Person Because Of Other by Jeremy Cronin
Our Land Holds by Jeremy Cronin
Poem-shrike by Jeremy Cronin
To Learn How To Speak by Jeremy Cronin
Walking On Air by Jeremy Cronin
White Face, Black Mask by Jeremy Cronin
Your Deep Hair by Jeremy Cronin
The Dust In The Wind by Patrick Roland Cullinan
Etruscan Girl by Patrick Roland Cullinan
The First, Far Beat by Patrick Roland Cullinan
Sir Tom by Patrick Roland Cullinan
To Have Love by Patrick Roland Cullinan
The Barn-yard by Sheila Cussons
Clothed Nakedness by Sheila Cussons
Organ by Sheila Cussons
Pearl by Sheila Cussons
Yellow Gramophone by Sheila Cussons
Brush Stroke by Ingrid De Kok
Ground Wave by Ingrid De Kok
Inner Note by Ingrid De Kok
Our Sharpeville by Ingrid De Kok
Small Passing by Ingrid De Kok
Sun, Aloe, Rain by Ingrid De Kok
This Thing We Learn For Others by Ingrid De Kok
To Drink Its Water by Ingrid De Kok
Koos Prinsloo (1957-1994) by Johann De Lange
Track Of The Tracks by Sandile Dikeni
Local History by Stephen Gray
Song Of The Gold Coming In by Stephen Gray
Bonk Abajahile by Pascal Mafika Gwala
Gumba, Gumba, Gumba by Pascal Mafika Gwala
Kwela-ride by Pascal Mafika Gwala
One Small Boy Longs For Summer by Pascal Mafika Gwala
Tap-tapping by Pascal Mafika Gwala
The Eruption Of Langa, 30th March 1960 by Peter Horn
Confidentially Yours by Wopko Pieter Jensma
Cry Me A River by Wopko Pieter Jensma
Joburg Spiritual by Wopko Pieter Jensma
My Hands by Wopko Pieter Jensma
Now That It's Too Late by Wopko Pieter Jensma
Our King by Wopko Pieter Jensma
Spanner In The What? Works by Wopko Pieter Jensma
Bitterberry Daybreak by Ingrid Jonker
The Child Who Was Shot Dead By Soldiers In Nyanga by Ingrid Jonker
Homesickness For Cape Town by Ingrid Jonker
I Went Searching For The Way Of My Body... by Ingrid Jonker
Pregnant Woman by Ingrid Jonker
Tokoloshe by Ingrid Jonker
Family Portrait by Rustum Kozain
I Don't Glance At Your Grizzled Hair by Antjie Krog
Land by Antjie Krog
Lovesong After The Music Of K. E. Ntsane by Antjie Krog
Ma by Antjie Krog
A One-dimensional Song For The Northern Free State, More Specifically by Antjie Krog
Refused March At Kroonstad Monday 23 Oct 1989 by Antjie Krog
Song Of The Cyclists by Antjie Krog
Transparency Of The Sole by Antjie Krog
Death Of The Miners Or, The Widows Of The Earth by Mazisi Kunene
A Note To All Surviving Africans by Mazisi Kunene
The Political Prisoner by Mazisi Kunene
To My Friend Solomon Hailu by Mazisi Kunene
The Tyrant by Mazisi Kunene
The Pension Jiveass by Mandla Langa
Gentling A Wildcat by Douglas Livingstone
Mpondo's Smithy, Transkei by Douglas Livingstone
A Piece Of Earth by Douglas Livingstone
Funeral Iii by Don Maclennan
Letters by Don Maclennan
Winter Sunlight, Clean As A Cut Orange by Don Maclennan
Dove by Joan Metelerkamp
Sunday Night - On My Own - After The Uitenhage Shootings by Joan Metelerkamp
Trees Sky Space by Joan Metelerkamp
The Dancer by Gcina Mhlophe
Enia by Seitlhamo Motsapi
Missa Joe by Seitlhamo Motsapi
Mushi by Seitlhamo Motsapi
River Robert by Seitlhamo Motsapi
Shak-shak by Seitlhamo Motsapi
Sol/o by Seitlhamo Motsapi
The Sun Used To Be White by Seitlhamo Motsapi
Like A Wheel by Oupa Thando Mthimkulu
Nineteen Seventy-six by Oupa Thando Mthimkulu
Amagoduka At Glencoe Station by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
Boy On A Swing by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
The Detribalised by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
Men In Chains by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
Talisman by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
Be Gentle by Njabulo Simakahle Ndebele
The Man Of Smoke by Njabulo Simakahle Ndebele
The Revolution Of The Aged by Njabulo Simakahle Ndebele
The Land Of The People Once Living by Sob. W. Nkuhlu
Waiting by Arthur Nortje
Acrobatic Hey by Motshile Nthodi
South African Dialogue by Motshile Nthodi
Staffrider by Motshile Nthodi
That's Theatre Hey by Motshile Nthodi
Wa Sala Wena by Motshile Nthodi
Barracks by Mxolisi M. Nyezwa
I Cannot Think Of All The Pains by Mxolisi M. Nyezwa
Things Change by Mxolisi M. Nyezwa
After Life by Donald Parenzee
Blue by Donald Parenzee
Changes At The Settlemtn by Donald Parenzee
Childhood In Heidelberg by Donald Parenzee
The Hunger Strike by Donald Parenzee
Interview by Donald Parenzee
Poem For My Mother by Donald Parenzee
The Raining by Donald Parenzee
Song Of The Unemployed by Donald Parenzee
Brother, Who Will Bury Me? Sels by Karen Press
Can't Stand, Can't Dance by Karen Press
Dispossessed Words by Karen Press
The First Thirty-seven Years by Karen Press
Heart's Hunger by Karen Press
Needlework by Karen Press
Statues by Karen Press
Tikolosh by Karen Press
Tiresias In The City Of Heroes, Sels by Karen Press
After Bra W's Flowers by Lesego Rampolokeng
For The Oral by Lesego Rampolokeng
In Transition by Lesego Rampolokeng
Wet Pain...tread With Care by Lesego Rampolokeng
Da Same, Da Same by Sipho Sydney Sepamla
Alexandra by Mongane Wally Serote
City Johannesburg by Mongane Wally Serote
For Don M. - Banned by Mongane Wally Serote
I Will Wait by Mongane Wally Serote
Milk And Corn by Mongane Wally Serote
Ofay-watcher Looks Back by Mongane Wally Serote
Two Extracts From No Baby Must Weep by Mongane Wally Serote
Ethekwini by Ari Sitas
Evening Tides 1 by Ari Sitas
Sections From Slave Trades by Ari Sitas
The Body Is A Country Of Joy And Pain: A Door To The Soul by Douglas Reid Skinner
The Body Is A Country Of Joy And Pain: A Flight Of Birds by Douglas Reid Skinner
The Body Is A Country Of Joy And Pain: The Question Of Ownership by Douglas Reid Skinner
Law And Order by Douglas Reid Skinner
Come, Let Us Sing by Adam Small
Five Quatrains From Black Bronze Beautiful by Adam Small
Gesondheidi by Adam Small
Great Krismis Prayer, Sels by Adam Small
On The P'rade by Adam Small
Preacher by Adam Small
Homecoming by Kelwyn Sole
Housing Targets by Kelwyn Sole
Mankunku by Kelwyn Sole
The National Question by Kelwyn Sole
Poem From Botswana by Kelwyn Sole
Presence by Kelwyn Sole
Woman, Trespassing In A Garden by Kelwyn Sole
Africa Love by Wilma Stockenstrom
Christmas In Africa: In The House Of The Father by Wilma Stockenstrom
Christmas In Africa: The Kiss by Wilma Stockenstrom
Confession Of A Glossy Starling by Wilma Stockenstrom
East Coast by Wilma Stockenstrom
Housebreaking Of The Mamba by Wilma Stockenstrom
Koichab's Water by Wilma Stockenstrom
The Rock by Wilma Stockenstrom
The Skull Laughs Though The Face Cries by Wilma Stockenstrom
Candle by Chris Van Wyk
It Is Sleepy In The 'coloured' Townships by Chris Van Wyk
A Riot Policeman by Chris Van Wyk
The Road by Chris Van Wyk
We Can't Meet Here, Brother by Chris Van Wyk
Descending, Late by Stephen Watson
Easter Transit by Stephen Watson
The Nature Of Kaggen by Stephen Watson
North-west Cape, 1985 by Stephen Watson
Our Blood Makes Smoke by Stephen Watson
Rain In A Dead Man's Footsteps by Stephen Watson
The Rain That Is Male by Stephen Watson
Sections From Foretelling: Gangrene by Stephen Watson
Sections From Foretelling: Let It Be Yours by Stephen Watson
Sections From Foretelling: Palmiet To Water by Stephen Watson
Song Of The Broken String by Stephen Watson
The Sound Of The Stars by Stephen Watson
The Sun, The Moon And The Knife by Stephen Watson
The Contraction And Enclosure Of The Land by St. J. Page Yako
Magnolia Blue by Cathy Zerbst
Wooden Spoon by K. Zwide