Friday, 15 February 2013

Legacies of Apartheid Wars Conference, Rhodes University, 4-6 July 2013

Call for Abstracts

"Addressing, Archiving and Accounting for Legacies of the Apartheid Wars in
Southern Africa"

Twenty years since the establishment of democracy in South Africa, the people, land and politics of Southern Africa continue to be imprinted and
influenced by the legacies of the wars fuelled by the apartheid era. The aim
of this cross-disciplinary conference is to invite diverse views and
perspectives on addressing the legacies of these wars. Scholars and
activists are invited to present papers and engage in conversations about
their work, their contexts and their insights.

This three-day event will take place at Rhodes University, and will consist
of two phases. The first is a series of public dialogues in partnership with
the annual South African National Arts Festival's Think!Fest, on 4 July
2013. The second is a two-day academic conference on 5 and 6 July 2013.

The cross-disciplinary nature of this conference means that a broad range of
themes could be explored, including:

.       Historical dialogue
.       Dialogue as archive
.       Memory and violence
.       Trauma healing work
.       Theories relating to the legacies of trauma and violence
.       Biographies about the apartheid wars
.       Researching the apartheid wars
.       The legacies of conscription
.       Veterans who served in the SADF or liberation forces
.       Gender and militarism
.       Accountability for the past
.       Trauma and resilience
.       Intergenerational legacies of war and conflict

We invite abstracts for papers at the conference on 5 and 6 July to be
submitted no later than 31 March 2013.  Abstracts should be no more than 250
words, accompanied by a short bio of no more than 100 words.
The email address for submissions is:

Please distribute this call for abstracts as widely as possible.

 Conference convenors:

.       Theresa Edlmann, Director: Legacies of Apartheid Wars Project,
Rhodes University Department of History

.       Professor Gary Baines, HOD, Department of History, Rhodes University

 This conference is being jointly hosted by two projects based at Rhodes

.       The Legacies of Apartheid Wars Project, funded by Atlantic
.       The South African War Veterans Project, funded by the South African Partnership for Alternative Development (SANPAD)

 Conference website: