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Articles, Speeches & Interviews by William Robinson

From William Robinson's website

For a half-hour extract of a workshop I gave in Spanish in Los Angeles in mid-2011 on 16 points of struggle against global capitalism, see (in three parts): Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

For an opinion piece I wrote in December 2011 titled "Global Rebellion: The Coming Chaos?", click here.

For a translation of that article into spanish, click here.

For a one-hour interview I did with Worldstreams radio station, click here.

For an opinion piece I wrote on May 2011 for Al Jazeera English on "Global Capitalism and 21st Century Fascism", click here.

For a 5 minute talk I gave in December 2010 in Spanish on the challenges facing the Venezuelan Revolution, click here.

For a video stream of a talk I gave in Manila, Philippines on "Understanding Global Capitalism,", click here.

For a video stream of segments of a speech I gave on Israel/Palestine and academic freedom before the Seventh Annual Al-Awda(Right of Return of all Palestinians in the Diaspora to their Homeland Palestine) Convention at Anaheim, California on May 23, 2009, click here (this will take you to a web page that includes a video stream and also the complete transcript of my speech): click here.

For the video stream of a talk I gave in January 2009 at UCSB titled "The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Cyclical, Structural, or Systemic?", click here.

For an interview Zmag conducted with me in 2007 on my theory of global capitalism, click here.
Click here to listen to the keynote address I gave at Yale University's April 7-8, 2006 conference "In the Name of Democracy: U.S. Electoral Intervention in the Americas". The 20-minute address is titled "Democracy, Polyarchy, and U.S. Policy Towards Latin America."

For Speech (in Spanish) on April 1,2007 at the Los Angeles Workers' Center/Casa Roja in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the failed coup d'etat in Venezuela click here.
For an interview that Venezuelanalysis did with me on democracy promotion, U.S. foreign policy, intervention in Latin America, and the Venezuelan revolution, click here.

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