Thursday, 5 March 2015

Nursery Rhyme

- Aimé Césaire

It is this fine film on the swirls of the cloudy wine of the sea
It is this great rearing of the horses of the earth
halted at the last moment on a gasp of the chasm
it is this black sand which roughs itself up on the hiccup of the abyss
it is this stubborn serpent's crawling out the shipwreck
this mouthful of stars revomited into a cake of fireflies
this stone on the ocean tugging with its drool
at a trembling hand for passing birds
here Sun and Moon
form the two cleverly engaged toothed wheels
of a Time ferocious in grinding us

it is this wretchedness
       these droppings
       this sob of coral reefs
it is alighting from the memorable sky
down onto the lure of our hearts red at dawn
this beak of prey breaking the unwelcoming chest
It is this kestrel which hovering blazons the noon sky of our black hearts
   this abducting
   this sacking
   this dumping

  this earth